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Short Success Stories #6: Collaboration

Alrighty! The new Finnish hackerspace, Kuopio Hacklab has been officially established on this very date of September 15, 2015, and is now formally known as Kuopio Hacklab ry (registered association). Congratulations, Kuopio! May the FLOSS be with you. Short story short! Advertisements

Short Success Stories #5: Focus

He was all frozen, overwhelmed by the task at hand. He couldn’t focus! So he took a cup of coffee.   Short story short!

Short Success Stories #4: Privacy

They seemed to know his every step. Wherever he’d go, they were watching! Then he switched to Tails. Short story short!

Short Success Stories #3: I Can See Clearly Now

He looked out of the window. But he couldn’t see! His windows were so dusty and dirty, swarming with things out of this world. Later on he installed Linux. Short story short!

Short Success Stories #2: The Gift

It was Christmas. He really wanted to toggle on and off his Christmas decoration lights using his mobile phone, so he bought himself a present: a Raspberry Pi. Short story short!

Short Success Stories #1: Arduino

A man went to the vehicle inspection station just the other day, merely to hear the news that his car’s airbag couldn’t be considered working because the fail indicator light came on. He was saved by the most underrated couple in the world: an Arduino and a blinker program. Short story short.