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Stay Connected… on IRC ?!

Man, I must be a real late bloomer when it comes to IRC: I just started using it a few weeks ago. Heck, that’s when I also noticed it was born almost exactly the same time as me! Time’s a funny thing. Advertisements

How-To: Reverse SSH Tunnel

Ever had those moments when you realize you were supposed to do some Googling on a given thing, but can’t remember what it was? I just experienced this myself. Then I remembered the thing was reverse SSH tunneling.

A Brand-New Hackerspace!

Ever heard of Hackerspaces? They’re community-operated workshops for running various projects in electronics, computing, metalworks, carpentry… basically anything. There are 1000-2000 hackerspaces around the world, here in Finland we have 8 of those. Well, in a moment we’ll have more, as there’s a new hackerspace starting out in Kuopio!

My Journey to Programming – Continued

I covered the first steps of my programming career in My Journey to Programming, and got to the point where I was about to tackle my first practise job. What happened next?

How-Nots: DIY Car Repairs

Replacing the support arm bushings of a car while taking the DIY-way around? Avoid these common pitfalls and be a pro, unlike me!

Javascript! Javascript! Javascript!

I’ve been doing some Javascript today. Somehow I got to registering myself on the Codecademy online courses, and, yeah, I’ve been doing some Javascript.