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Gamer’s Gadgets: A Resident Evil Doorbell!

So, I’ve been away for a while, but now that my divorce is finally concluded, I’ve somewhat survived the depression and anxiety plus done most of my moving and all the related bureaucracy, I thought I’d introduce the ultimate Father’s Day gift of 2015: the Resident Evil Doorbell! Advertisements

How-Nots: DIY Car Repairs

Replacing the support arm bushings of a car while taking the DIY-way around? Avoid these common pitfalls and be a pro, unlike me!

5 Great Uses for the Raspberry Pi!

If you have one of those Raspberry Pi minicomputers, check out these cool and simple ways for getting the most out of it! Oh, and if you don’t have one, you should definitely ask yourself: why??

My Coffee Maker Has WiFi!

Taking over the Internet of Things, one coffeemaker at a time! Don’t say it wouldn’t be awesome to have your morning coffee ready before you even get up from bed!

Perl: Back-Ticks and Sound-Controlled Lights

Now that’s a heading! What’s this? Oh, I just went through some of the contents on my external hard drive and came across this interesting little Perl script, which I made a couple of years ago as a part of my sound-controlled lights project. Wanna see it?

Short Success Stories #2: The Gift

It was Christmas. He really wanted to toggle on and off his Christmas decoration lights using his mobile phone, so he bought himself a present: a Raspberry Pi. Short story short!

Short Success Stories #1: Arduino

A man went to the vehicle inspection station just the other day, merely to hear the news that his car’s airbag couldn’t be considered working because the fail indicator light came on. He was saved by the most underrated couple in the world: an Arduino and a blinker program. Short story short.