Gamer’s Gadgets: A Resident Evil Doorbell!

So, I’ve been away for a while, but now that my divorce is finally concluded, I’ve somewhat survived the depression and anxiety plus done most of my moving and all the related bureaucracy, I thought I’d introduce the ultimate Father’s Day gift of 2015: the Resident Evil Doorbell!

You know, my father has been a great fan of the Resident Evil series since the second installment in the franchise, and geez, when RE4 came out, he got really… stuck. But when his original RE4 for the PS2 broke a few years back, he quit. What a loss!

Me and my brother to the rescue! Last year, as we thought of the best Father’s Day gift ever, we decided to make something AWESOME! At that time I was tinkering with an Arduino Nano, which definitely would’ve made a nice base for a custom doorbell. But the thing is so bare-bones! There was no way I could make it play any authentic Resident Evil music, as it would’ve needed external components I had nowhere to be found, and we were in a hurry! Though, if you really like to see what I came across with “tone()” and “delay()”, check out the video below!

Oh yeah, that’s the Asford lullaby all right! But it didn’t do. It had to be something better. So we bought an inexpensive MP3 doorbell from the local hardware store and loaded it up with the most recognizable Resident Evil sound clips we could find! Yes, we borrowed the clips from the web and trimmed them with mp3cut. Nice and easy!

And the looks? The doorbell itself was somewhat boring when you think it should represent the greatest survival horror franchise of all time, so we needed to customize it a little bit. As my local hackerspace has some 3D-printers at hand, we made a copy of this little masterpiece found on Thingiverse. Yeah, it’s a great Umbrella Corporation logo! Thanks guys!

My brother used to do airbrushing in the past, so he had some acrylic paints lying around. I took a brush and spent a couple of hours finalizing the product. Whaddya think?


That’s it! We glued the logo on top of the doorbell, put the batteries in and there we went! You should’ve seen the old man’s face when he heard this one:

On top of all this, I found a nice PS2 game for our dad from a second-hand shop. Could it be anything else than Resident Evil 4?

Happy Father’s Day, and you’re “WELCOME!”


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