A Brand-New Hackerspace!

Ever heard of Hackerspaces? They’re community-operated workshops for running various projects in electronics, computing, metalworks, carpentry… basically anything. There are 1000-2000 hackerspaces around the world, here in Finland we have 8 of those. Well, in a moment we’ll have more, as there’s a new hackerspace starting out in Kuopio!

I ran into this concept a few days ago while trying to find some local IRC-channels at Freenode. Yeah, people still use IRC a lot. I got interested right away, so I attended the first meeting of the local hackerspace startup. A grand total of six people were involved. That’s awesome!

Now we have our next meeting arranged where we would discuss the official paperwork involved in launching a registered community. After that it’s all about gathering new members, supporters, premises and equipment for getting the thing up and running.

Wanna learn more? Go see the discussion board! Better yet, tune into our IRC channel #kuopio.hacklab.fi @ Freenode! Oh, did I already mention they’re in Finnish? Now I did.

How about your hometown? Does your city have a hackerspace around? Join it! If there’s no such thing, start one! Discuss your experiences in firing up a community! Oh, and most of all: help us by sharing your information, tips and tricks if you think there’s something we should know!

Happy hacking!


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