Killer Apps for the Average Geek

Lists are great, don’t you think? Android is great too! Check out these cool and useful apps found on the Play Store!

Fing – Network Tools

Discover the devices on your LAN, scan TCP services, do traceroute, ping, DNS lookup, WOL… and more. It’s all there!

AndFTP (your FTP client)

An awesome FTP, FTPS, SCP and SFTP client. Save multiple configurations, browse local and remote filesystems and copy files between your mobile device and desktop. Using FTP over SSH (SFTP) made really simple!


The best SSH/Telnet client for Android, in my opinion. Though, you would need a suitable keyboard app for using it right, such as the…

Hacker’s Keyboard

This is the default keyboard of choice for me. The size of the keyboard can be adjusted to suit the screen, so it works alright on smaller devices as well. Comes with the ESC, CTRL and arrow keys missing from the default Android keyboards, and it can be invoked from the notification bar anytime. Nice!

WhatsApp Messenger

Yeah, I was a little skeptical about this one at first, as it must be given the permission to mess up with my contacts information and everything. But it turned out to be just OK, after crossing the line of installation, as it indeed is the best app for sharing files quickly between your friends and family.

IMDb Movies & TV

Watching a movie and wondering where you’ve seen that actor/actress before? With this app, finding it out is just a matter of seconds! Nothing more to be said.

Classic Boy (Emulator)

A multi-platform game emulator in a phone. Alrighty! Works with a PS3 gamepad when used with an OTG cable and the SixAxis Enabler. Connect the whole thing to your TV with MHL and you’re all set! Having a PlayStation and a Nintendo 64 in your pocket? It’s out of sight!


Sitting in your car with nothing to do? Why not sit right there for the next five hours playing the most addictive word search game of all time? Challenge me on Wordbase! My player name is leeskine. Yeah, the one with the cat in the bowl.

2048 Number Puzzle Game

Just try it.


The power of TOR in your phone. Definitely worth a look. Use with Orweb and feel free to browse the web anonymously!


You know that famous blogging platform around the web? Of course you do. Get the mobile app and read your favorite blogs on the go! Oh, but don’t try to write anything with it, believe me.

Wifi Analyzer

Discover the WiFi networks around you. Great for finding the least crowded WiFi channels, checking the signal strength of your network and taking snapshots of your network’s performance!

Other apps worth trying include ArtFlow for drawing, Goggles for fun, Simple NetCat for experimenting, AIDE for Android development, PayPal for online payments, Speedtest for curiosity, ZArchiver for zipping, PixelsTouch for pixel arts…

And that’s the end of it! Go ahead and tell me your preferred apps while you’re around!



  1. craignicol · · Reply

    If you’re unsure about WhatsApp for sharing files, PushBullet does a great job of it too, since the latest update.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh? I’ll check it out, thanks!


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