Monthly Archives: August 2015

Back to School – Like a Pro!

It’s almost September. You know what that means! Compile yourself a plan! Advertisements

How-To: Reverse SSH Tunnel

Ever had those moments when you realize you were supposed to do some Googling on a given thing, but can’t remember what it was? I just experienced this myself. Then I remembered the thing was reverse SSH tunneling.

A Brand-New Hackerspace!

Ever heard of Hackerspaces? They’re community-operated workshops for running various projects in electronics, computing, metalworks, carpentry… basically anything. There are 1000-2000 hackerspaces around the world, here in Finland we have 8 of those. Well, in a moment we’ll have more, as there’s a new hackerspace starting out in Kuopio!

Short Success Stories #5: Focus

He was all frozen, overwhelmed by the task at hand. He couldn’t focus! So he took a cup of coffee.   Short story short!

My Journey to Programming – Continued

I covered the first steps of my programming career in My Journey to Programming, and got to the point where I was about to tackle my first practise job. What happened next?

Killer Apps for the Average Geek

Lists are great, don’t you think? Android is great too! Check out these cool and useful apps found on the Play Store!

Best Pieces of Open-Source Software

Right on! Now that we’ve had our week of vacation, let’s get back to business and make a list of the greatest free and open-source software (FOSS) choices for the regular Joe!