Multitasking Madness!

Want to have all your favorite websites tiled up in a single Firefox window while still keeping the looks? No problem! With these two add-ons, your multitasking environment will be up and running in no time!



I figured this out last night, when I had a temporary need of doing many things at once (my wife, really, as I have a brain which lacks support for multithreading), and ran into this Firefox add-on, Tile View (by DW-dev). It’s a handy little gadget for splitting the browser window into a grid of tiles, where each tile would represent a browser tab, so that you can see all your tabs at once. Nice! But when you split the window into, say, four tiles, most of the content will get out of sight. Wanna start scrolling?? Not so nice!

That’s where the another add-on would kick in. With User-Agent Switcher (by Linder), you can load the mobile-optimized versions of your tabbed sites, just like that! Change your user agent into Android and BOOM! All the content right in the tiles!

Whoever told you it would be impossible to use four or more mobile phones simultaneously, the guy was WRONG!

Say hello to Mozilla Octopus!


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  1. That is some crazy multitasking right there!

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