Games Check – The Scariest Video Game Monsters Ever!

I really like horror things. Movies and books, but most notably horror games. Why not compose a top-ten list of the creepiest horror game baddies encountered so far! Let’s be a little more open-minded so the list doesn’t get restricted to only a couple of franchises! Here we go!

10. Mummy MenCastlevania (NES, 1986)

These undead menaces are fairly easy to beat, but in the good old days of the Nintendo Entertainment System they must’ve been the scariest thing around! The original Castlevania game features a load of other folklore monsters too, but these two are just… creepy.


9. HybridAlone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (PS, 2001)

These zombie-like things lurking in the hallway near the big library must be the most hideous things in the game! They can also be seen in the courtyard when they appear out of nowhere, scaring the heck out of anyone!


8. Metal Gear RexMetal Gear Solid (PS, 1998)

Not a horror game, but what a horrifying boss! The tension of hiding behind the wall in the lower-right corner of the screen, silently praying for staying unnoticed… But it’s inevitable! Rest of the fight is all just running and shooting in fear! One of the best games around, overall.


7. Grey ChildrenSilent Hill (PS, 1999)

Are there any less creepy games from Konami? If there are, this is NOT one of them! These murderous little kids inhabit the schoolhouse of Old Silent Hill, ready to tear you apart in no time! Whenever your radio starts emitting static, seek low!


6. ZombiesResident Evil 2 (PS, 1998)

Yeah, no big deal, you say. These guys are everywhere. But in RE2’s police station corridor, first they are nowhere to be seen, then they grab you with their cold hands from behind those barricades! Must be the freakiest jumpscare of all time!


5. UstanakResident Evil 6 (PS3, 2012)

This game doesn’t really have much horror in it, but hiding from Ustanak in the Sherry/Jake scenario sure is a thrill! He’s such a big bad monstrous murdermaniac!


4. Pyramid HeadSilent Hill 2 (PS2, 2001)

The most famous antagonist of the Silent Hill series. The sound of him dragging that giant blade around the corridors… it’s agonizing! Definitely the kind of guy I wouldn’t like to meet in a dark alleyway at night!


3. HunterResident Evil (PS, 1996)

They stalk. They jump. They dodge. And, most of all, they KILL! Don’t bother wasting bullets on them, just run, run, RUN, if you want to keep your head on your shoulders!


2. ScissormanClock Tower (PS, 1996)

Need a gardener? Then stay clear of this badass, ’cause he’s a murderer! You can run, you can hide, but you can never lose him!


1. Giant Chainsaw ManResident Evil 4 (PS2, 2005)

You thought Dr. Salvador was scary? Or maybe Regenerador? Garrador, anyone? Yeah, it’s obvious that The Giant Chainsaw Man, aka Super Salvador would slice ’em all! If you don’t know what it means to enter panic mode, play the Marina level of the Mercenaries minigame and you will soon understand!


Oh, do I need to tell you that this list is not that exhaustive? There must be tons of scary things in other video games, perhaps so scary I don’t even dare to remember! Fill me in and discuss any run-ins with the creepiest video game monsters YOU have encountered! Keep on a-gaming!



  1. Great list you have here! I can relate to the zombies in RE 2. I would add Nemesis from RE 3,who would scare and chase me around the police station!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I guess one Tyrant on the list is reasonable, though, Nemesis would definitely fit in, along with Mr. X!

      Liked by 1 person

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