5 Great Uses for the Raspberry Pi!

If you have one of those Raspberry Pi minicomputers, check out these cool and simple ways for getting the most out of it! Oh, and if you don’t have one, you should definitely ask yourself: why??



1. Turn it into a media center!

Pack up that RasPi with the XBMC mediacenter-Linux distribution for turning it into a bit geekier media machine! Watch out, PS3, for this little beast doesn’t know “unsupported data types”! Get the remote control app for your Android phone and enjoy the fun!


2. Turn it into a surveillance camera!

Wanna know what your sneaky pets are up to when you’re away? Sudo apt-get the motion daemon for your RasPi, open up a NAT port in your home router and see for yourself! Go ahead and have some serious value for that 10-dollar webcam you never use!


3. Turn it into a home automation machine!

Wire up some sensors, relays and motors into the GPIO-pins of you RasPi! With these tutorials around you’ll be a professional lifehacker in no time! You may check my coffeemaker hack as well while you’re at it!


4. Turn it into a retro gaming box!

Put some retropie software into your RasPi and re-enjoy the good old days of gaming! If you want to take the hardcore-do-it-yourself way around, check out this hack for making your own Nintendo controller out of nothing!


5. Turn it into an FM-transmitter!

The pifm software allows for using your RasPi as an FM-transmitter out of the box! What an ideal solution for broadcasting your favorite rock’n’roll tracks to systems without MP3-support! Just make sure to use a non-allocated radio frequency if you’re not a fan of angry neighbors!


Got interested? Check out the Raspberry Pi community for tons of new ideas, tutorials and projects!


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