Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn… Are there others? Oh, my, did I forget the F-word?

I had a F***book account way back. As I’m not really the most social kind of human, I had it mostly for playing those stupid addictive online games. Mafia Wars, anyone?? FrontierVille must have been the best!

I eventually ditched the account a few years ago because of all the bloat and spam in my mailbox. “Your friend just invited you there, your another friend gave you this, that guy wants you to join here…” So what?! Another reason for quitting must’ve been the fact that I just wasn’t interested in other people’s lives. Not to mention the another fact that I just wasn’t interested in SHARING MY life to everyone!

Of course they went on chasing me for a while even after I resigned. That’s when I had to set up a dummy email address for all that… that useless F-book stuff, you know. “We miss you! Come back!”

Though I had about 150 “friends” in there, I’m pretty sure nobody even noticed I went away. And yeah, I’m sure you can somehow… limit the amount of… spam… in your mailbox from a dashboard or something… well, just maybe. But it’s none of my business anymore! I’m FREE!

No, I don’t really think there’s anything wrong with being social… in a network… in social networks. But they’re not meant for everyone. It’s not that I would dislike all the ads, trends, new “music” or celebrities, I just don’t want to see or hear them! Simple as that!

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