Javascript! Javascript! Javascript!

I’ve been doing some Javascript today. Somehow I got to registering myself on the Codecademy online courses, and, yeah, I’ve been doing some Javascript.

I really like the site. Though I can do some programming already, I didn’t mind the hand-holding at all (honestly, I would have occasionally been, ahem, screwed up without it). But hey, it must be the best entry-level resource around! Interactive coding courses, yeah, I have heard about those, people go to school to learn stuff INTERACTIVELY, nothing new here. But at home?? Where’s all the follow-the-tutorial-and-keep-your-brain-shut stuff? Oh, it tells you when you do something wrong? It cheers you up?? Y-y-you get BADGES?! I had three courses of C and another three courses of ++ back in school and NOT-A-SINGLE-BADGE!! I’m gonna tell ’em next September, I got SIXTEEN badges for a two-hour sitdown at home, now, where-are-my-C-badges?

But yeah, Javascript. It has built a nice reputation during the last 10 years or so. It’s just funny to think of it as the annoying blinking ad-thing on some websites you see every now and then, but recently it has been put to some serious use. There are games made with HTML5, jQuery and Javascript. There are those frameworks such as Angular, Ample and Ember things for Javascript. Then there’s NativeScript, which allows for multi-platform mobile app development using Javascript and, of course, there’s NodeJS for server-side Javascript. It makes no difference if you’re in the front-end, back-end, bottoms-up or upside-down development: there’s plenty of Javascript for everyone!

Simply put, if you’re a beginning coder, my best advice is: GOTO

I’ll just get back to my Javascript now.



  1. If you like Codecademy, check out codeschool. Their Javascrupt track really helped me.

    And for practice: codewars!

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    1. Looks promising. Thanks!


  2. Welcome to the world of JavaScript! You have made a wise decision!

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  3. Nice post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Codeacademy.

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