I’ve seen that word, blogramming, in the wild before. How original! Blogging about programming, what else would you call it? Sounds better than progging if you ask me!

So, I’ve been doing this blogramming for a little over a week now. It’s pretty interesting. I got involved so fast I didn’t really think about all the topics I would cover here. When it comes to programming, I probably should start gathering up my stuff for display, to see if I can find anything with even the slightest bit of educational value (or fun value, at least). I have this 1TB hard drive where I save practically every single line of code I ever write (oh yeah, a lot of Hello Worlds), so I could definitely have something to make a nice blogramming pro…proglamming brolg… programming blog-thing about.

And I got myself a domain! My first domain! Mine! GOTO! Oh, but you are here already.

It’s been fun to tackle this kind of a little blog project like it was going to become the next biggest media franchise on the face of the Great Globe, tinkering around with search engine optimization and all (tried Google Webmasters, Ping-o-Matic plus some blog-crawling sites, don’t know how they’ll do but I’m just curious). Though, even if it turns out I didn’t have anything valuable to say after all, this wouldn’t be the first pointless personal ranting site around! But, in the end, who would Google-search “leeskine” anyway? Me! I like seeing my very own site pop up as the first result! How egoistic of me.

I’ll end this post with a partly unrelated question: do you like caffeine?


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