Happy Birthday, Mario!

Guess-a-what? It’s Mario‘s 34th birthday! Our favorite Italian plumber debuted in the arcade game Donkey Kong on the 9th of July, 1981. I didn’t exist back then, but I’ve followed this guy ever since I grew up big enough for gaming, somewhere in the 90’s. Let’s make a time trip!

To be honest, I’ve never really enjoyed the Donkey Kong games. It was the 1985 Super Mario Bros. that got me into the Mario universe, as it was automatically packed and shipped along the Nintendo Entertainment System console. It was awesome! But man, was it tough, too!

The sequel, Super Mario Bros. 2, was as entertaining, but when you start to think of it, it’s too easy! Just during the past years, it appeared to me it wasn’t originally a Mario game at all. Time’s a learning!

And the technically most advanced NES game, graphical masterpiece with the most twisted story, heck, if not the best video game of all time? Super Mario Bros. 3! No need for introductions. Just hours and hours of exploring, collecting powerups and discovering new secrets, while taking apart the empires of the craziest crew of video game antagonists: the Koopalings.

Then it came to a stop for me. I entirelly skipped the Super Nintendo era, as I never had one of those things. Later, I somehow came across titles such as Super Mario World and Super Mario RPG, completing the former once, but never really plunging into either one anyway.

After the dark ages began the 3D-time of Nintendo 64, along with Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart, and I was back in the game again! Honestly, I’m still in the game every now and then, as I sometimes play the former with my 5-year-old kid. Yeah, okay, by myself, too. But, as I’ve mostly been a Sony PlayStation kind of gamer since the start of the 21st century, my journey in the Mario universe ends here, if I don’t happen to get myself a Wii.  Fortunately there are other classics such as the Resident Evil, Final Fantasy and Metal Gear franchises!

As for now, Happy Birthday to all you Mario fans out there, feel free to discuss your own playing experiences, and keep on a-gaming!


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