5 Command Line Utilities You Should Know!

If you’re using the command line at all, you should already be aware of these handy little gadgets! Whether you’re a *nix user or prefer Windows, having even one of these on your machine will crank up your professional geeky status exponentially. Check them out!


 1. fortune

A great way to start your day. Put this in your .bashrc file and get a fresh aphorism each time you boot up that terminal! Comes packed with a big collection of thoughts, quotes, jokes and fortunes.


2. sl

This is awesome. Whenever you mistype “ls” in a hurry, instead of “No command found”, you get the Steam Locomotive! Works with some command line arguments, such as “-l” for a little train or “-a” for an upcoming accident.


3. cowsay

Does exactly what it says on the tin. What a fun way to handle your error messages!


4. figlet

A nice gadget for converting text into ASCII art, and it comes with multiple fonts and effects. Why not make your SSH banner a little fancier? Works every time!


5. espeak

A multi-lingual software speech synthesizer? Must be the coolest way to read out large text files! Better yet: pipe it with a binary executable and enjoy hours of illegible mumbo-jumbo with a creepy voice!

So, for all you Linux users out there: fire up your favorite package manager and get these gadgets from your trusted software repositories right now!

As for Windows users: go search SourceForge or GitHub if you got the guts!



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