Monthly Archives: July 2015

How-Nots: DIY Car Repairs

Replacing the support arm bushings of a car while taking the DIY-way around? Avoid these common pitfalls and be a pro, unlike me! Advertisements

Multitasking Madness!

Want to have all your favorite websites tiled up in a single Firefox window while still keeping the looks? No problem! With these two add-ons, your multitasking environment will be up and running in no time!

Short Success Stories #4: Privacy

They seemed to know his every step. Wherever he’d go, they were watching! Then he switched to Tails. Short story short!

Games Check – The Scariest Video Game Monsters Ever!

I really like horror things. Movies and books, but most notably horror games. Why not compose a top-ten list of the creepiest horror game baddies encountered so far!

Fixing Windows Issues – The EASY Way!

I’ve recently been given this unwritten responsibility of solving all the computer problems within my family circles.┬áCOMPUTER problems, can you believe it?? Sounds like there’s nothing wrong with the users!

5 Great Uses for the Raspberry Pi!

If you have one of those Raspberry Pi minicomputers, check out these cool and simple ways for getting the most out of it! Oh, and if you don’t have one, you should definitely ask yourself: why??


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